Radar Video Surveillance



Total Security Begin With Perimeter Protection


  • Honeywell RVS is a Landside and/or Waterside Security System that integrates Radar, Automatic Identification System (AIS), GPS, Video, and Thermal Sensor data to provide the highest value wide area surveillance system available. RVS helps to detect, track and respond to potential threats.

    Advanced radar and video technology covers a wide range of your facility, from your perimeter to the inner core of your operations center. And because RVS is an automated system, resources are greatly increased. Put simply, RVS will help you run a more efficient, cost-effective, secure operation.


RVS Overview

•RVS is an automated wide area surveillance system

•Uses sensors to detect intruders, displays them on a satellite image, automatically points cameras and starts recording using DVM, and generates alarms into Honeywell security mgmt. system Pro-Watch.

• Processes GPS, AIS, and ADS-B to display friendly vehicles on the same image, in an annotated forms.

•Provides substantial cost benefit over competing technologies

•Is a discriminator in medium to large security projects?

•Can be a new plug-in capability for existing Pro-Watch customers

Radar Video Surveillance

•Wide Area Surveillance System developed from the Ground Up as a Security Sys.

•Geographical Information System (GIS) Displays Location of Threats.

•Layers for Targets, Sensors, History, Camera View, Rules.

•Calculates Pointing Angles and Controls Cameras.

•Integrated with Ground Radar, Marine Radar, and Microwave Sensors and more.

•Integrated with Security & Video Mgmt systems, e.g. Prowatch, DVM, and Maxpro Platforms.

•Implements User Defined Rules, and Supports Multiple Configurations.

•Redundancy / Failover can be implemented part of the system.



What can you do With RVS ?

• Multiple Sensor Inputs

• Distributed Operation

• Data Fusion

• GIS Mapping

• User Defined Alarm Zones

• AIS Filtering

• GPS Filtering

• User Defined Rules

• Threat Prioritization

• MARSEC Levels

• Operator Alarms

• Manual Control

• Camera Compatibility

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